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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Virgina is for Lovers

A collage I made for the couple with some of their photos.

My amazing, beautiful & hilarious cousin Carolyn is engaged!

The whole family is ecstatic because Jamie (her now finace) has made such an impression on the family. Every Aunt, uncle, cousin and Grandma love him. He asked Carolyn the magical question while they were hiking, something they both love to do, and she said yes!

their love story:
  • they met at a camp where they were both working in VA.
  • When camp ended they were a long distance couple, 55 miles apart.
  • It was love within weeks.
  • it was commitment within months...
  • & it will be forever within year!
    true love.
I have goosebumps thinking about the happiness between them. So happy!


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