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Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Big Fat Anniversary

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dish: Cinnamon Buns topped with bacon
tunes: think of you by a fine frenzy

I love looking at the delicious grossness at This is Why Your Fat than you and I have a lot in common. I'm obsessed with the "ewwwwww's" and "ahhhhhh's" of the highly caloric masterpieces. I've always been inspired to create something for the site but frankly I eat pretty healthy diet of veggies and organic meats and gluten free cupcakes. However, NICK IS IN TOWN and I told him I'd cook him breakfast for our anniversary, so I took it upon myself to create something delicious, fattening and sugary!!
For the record Nick ate 3 of these...

& also

I made some delicious cupcakes for Nick's arrival. I used a box. I know, lame however box cupcakes mixes are so efficient for the basic baking needs. I substitute the 3 whole eggs with 4 egg whites and the 1 stick of butter for a cup 1/2 of applesauce. Less fat, more flavor I promise!

Love lisaxox

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