Stopping to Smell the Coffee Beans


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Show Me Your Mug

get used to this angle, cause you're dating it.

After talking to a few friends about the fact that I have gone through a whole container of coffee-cream within 4 days, eyebrows were raised. "Lisa do you drink too much coffee?"

What can I say, I'm obsessed! And I don't think 3-4 cups of coffee is too much for me. There are days where I have more&days that I barely finish two. It's been working great for me. But while we were bantering about coffee, flavors and fond memories of crushing on local barista's I realized something: coffee is a passion of mine.

I literally wake up for coffee.

Okay, okay a tad dramatic but it's not far from the truth. There aren't a lot of things in life that I happily jump out of a comfortable, warm bed for in the AM. Coffee is just THAT special.

Java in the AM feels a lot like what a prayer feels like in the PM. It's comforting, inspirational and sets a tone. It has the power to make a perfect moment (warm bed in the AM) feel secondary. It bonds nationalities, religions and spiritualities.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are revolved around me sneaking coffee from my fathers mug. I even went through a phase where i'd steal the INSTANT coffee (gross), pour some in a cup and nonchalantly fill the cup with WARM water... because I was too little to boil my own water & I didn't want to ask my parents to do it, cause they'd say no! Personally, I think all 5-year-old's should drink a small cup.

This year I want to explore the world of coffee and the people who love it. Just some typical coffee talk.

Please show me your MUGSHOT. I want to know the coffee you drink and how you drink it!


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Johanna Palka said...

4 cups of coffee is not much. That is 2 cups for me because I buy the bigger mugs hence really...not much. Go big with your mugs...'er mug it somethin'.

Linsey said...

you are so cute.