Stopping to Smell the Coffee Beans


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guess who's Coming to Dinner (300 miles away)?

Not only is my boyfriend long-distance, my family is also 300 miles away and my bosses are 5,000 miles away! I live near no one. Literally.

I have no choice but to have a deep love affair with the internet; Skype and iChat being my enablers. I take great offense to those who say that technology is ruining families today only because it's technology that keeps me connected to mine

Here my mom & I are enjoying some coffee (of course) and recapping the past week with each other.

this week my mom:
  • decided to not complain about her job anymore.
  • knitted a really cool infinity scarf. You know the cool ones that you can wrap and wrap and wrap.
  • Saw Avatar in 3D and loved it.
This week I:
  • saw DC, Virginia and Maryland.
  • threw away a microwave.
  • edited some great product reviews for work.
  • traveled back to Chicago
Well, I decided to stay for dinner and talk to my mom while she cooked one of my favorite dishes: stuffed peppas! It's really important for me to spend time with my family in the kitchen. It's a place where we all get together, joke, laugh, catch-up and argue. Yes, it's healthy to argue. My family is really open to topics of discussion. We talk about politics (a lot) because my dad is die-hard republican, my Mom & I are libertarians and my brother is a demarcate. Yes, topics get heated but we, in the end, somehow have fun with it. I wouldn't miss the opportunity to eat our Sunday night meal together.

here is my mom with HER new favorite Purely Elizabeth gluten-free Apple Spice muffins. Yah, they are delish and EASY to make. She used an egg, 1 cup of applesauce and some olive oil.

.....When Grandma comes over portions get crazy! She's in her late 80's but she can still work up an appetite. Love her.

see you next Sunday sweet family!


monica! said...

Family Dinner 2.0, I love it!

Lisa, get the recipe for "Mom's Stuffed Peppas". I need to try them!

David said...

I tech don't have a set political side, dear sis. I agree or disagree with stances. I tried to find one that matched up, but there was a +/- issue still. I might just settle b/c of how funny the name of the party is.