Stopping to Smell the Coffee Beans


Monday, January 4, 2010

Coffee iDate

It's more fun when we are together but longdistance iDates are fun too!

I love coffee so much that I actually have a hard time not judging people who don't like it. I know, I know, that's awful, but it's true! How can you not love the warm, robust flavors of thes seasons? Adding things like cream, soy, sugar, mint.. ahhh it's just so delicious. It's dessert in a mug!
I go to bed at night excited for my coffee in the AM. And, lately I've been looking forward to my Saturday AM coffee iDate's with Nick. Here I am enjoying @Starbucks Soy Pumpkin Lattee. Nick is enjoying a @8OClockcoffee with splash of cream and two sugars. Delish.

Congrats to our loves!

my dear friend and COFFEE LOVER @kristin and her husband Kyle found out they are having a girl! When she told me I got sooo emotional because since I have known Kristin (Fall '99) she has always wanted to be a wife & a mother (oh & makeup artist!). I am so happy for the KD Daubenmeyer's. Yes it's Kyle & Kristin. Meant to be! Yay for happiness!

love, prayers and full bellies (literally!)

With style,

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