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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buy Local, Save a Farmer.

a few of Abe's fabulous sellers

So I get to work at a really wonderful place. I am so excited! I get to be creative, review yummy products and get to know people who are passionate about living green, eco-friendly, natural and supporting farmer's markets. In fact, Abe's Market is the online Farmers Market.

Everything from organic cheeses, vegan chocolates, sustainable faux leather purses and eco-friendly nail polish. (and remover!)

Sometimes people forget that "green" comes in an array of colors. Green doesn't mean uncreative and it certainly doesn't mean unattractive. Green is the construction & the belief behind a product, not just the idea.

I get to speak & learn with these people on a daily basis, helping them do business better. It's been a really amazing experience so far to see, watch and learn from all of these passionate people.

I love how each product has a story behind it; there is a reason behind all of their businesses.

I love the Abe's Market community and I hope you share it when your friends and loved ones.

Lisa Nicobella from Abe's Market on Vimeo.

I'm so proud of myself with this video! I wrote, directed, edited and filmed this video with no training! It was such a blast! ha!!


Cindy said...

I love love love Abe's Market and I think this video with Lisa is wonderful! I must try this chocolate asap!

Doc said...

WOW Lisa! This is so great! I love Abe's :)

habibtisarah said...

Awesome job, Lis! I love Abe's (and am actually going there tomorrow to stock up). Woohoo - save a farmer!

Jon Polin said...

Abe's Market loves Lisa's passion and energy!