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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Long-distance iArgument

long distance relationships have iArguments too!

I usually talk about the good in our relationship but having arguments is a reality in any relationship-- and it's a bit trickier when you are in a long distance relationship. If you are in one, keep reading, you will find comfort in my story. If you don't feel like reading about a lovers tiff, simply skip this post :) I understand.

I owe Nick a big apology.

It's nights like this when being in a long distance relationship really, really (I can't stress REALLY enough) stinks. I have a fever, I have cramps, my head hurts, I'm anxious and I'm extremely lonely. poo. Poo.poo. I am literally having a pity party for myself and I'm so embarrassed of myself! But it happens...

So this is where I screwed up: I called Nick to complain about feeling sick & I basically blamed him for it. I said things like "Why are you so far away?" & "I hate that you are so far, I need you right now!" How ridiculous and selfish am I? It's not HIS fault we live so far. But when I'm emotional... oh boy!

When everything seems to be falling on my shoulders, while having a fever, I sometimes snap, just like anyone else. This is especially hard when you live so far away from your boyfriend. All I needed was a hug and no text, email, video chat or phone call could give me the comfort I needed. I'm so sorry Nick. I was being a poop head.

I decided to write a 3 step long distance ice-breaker instructional.

After LD (long distance) tiff:

1. Take a breather. Inhale slowly.
2. call your boyfriend/girlfriend and start the conversation with this "I love you, I want to be with you & I need to apologize for saying/doing this ___. Will you forgive me for being stink?"
3. take funny photos of each other and move forward.

All better!

Sweet DreamS!


Lindsay said...

dang girl! you look freakin good with a fever, cramps and headache! Thanks for reminding us that we're all human :)

Cindy said...

okay seriously you are amazing and love that you admit your faults.