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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When love moves: the LD relationship

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When Nick told me he was offered a great job with the Volkswagon head quarters (In DC) I had two emotions. First, I was ecstatic. Second, I was pissed.

I did not want to be in a long distance relationship.

I had just accepted a great job in Chicago myself so moving 700 miles away from each other was not in my plans. Either was moving to the East Coast.

I felt like Nick was robbing my plans for us. I have been living in Chicago for 8 years and didn't want to move for any reason. ever. Unless that reason was out of the country... or to live on a boat somewhere exotic. Nick's move was neither of those.

I quickly realized, after the shocked settled within my bones, that I had to choose something very, very big; something I haven't had to consciously do in our relationship yet: surrender. I had to accept the fact that Nick's career move was important, that he needed to do it and that we were going to be in a long-distance relationship. No and, if's, or but's. It was all happening and we had to move forward with that -- and make it fun and exciting.

So far, we have been long-distance for the past 3 months. And you know what, it's not that bad. Sure, I miss snuggling, cooking together and having someone tall to help me change lightbulbs... but if your love is strong enough no distance can change that.

So now, Nick and I Skype and iChat almost every single day. In fact, we do more that just that. We cook together, watch movies together and have date nights via technology every week. It's been great and we'd love to share our journey. love, prayers and happiness.

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